Frozen Dream

Artistic Directors/Choreographers: Ayrin Ersöz and Julia Ritter

Sound Design: Korhan Erel

Musicians: Ceren Akçalı and Aslıhan Eruzun Özel

Video: Metin Çavuş Lighting Design: Sıla Karakaya

Stage Management: R. Ömer Yavuz

Dancers:Nicolette Alberti, Ezgi Bilgin, Shawn Brush, Stacy Collado, Sonja Chung, Erdem Gündüz, Yildiz Güventürk, Sean Murphy, Hilal Sibel Pekel, Will Tomaskovic, Canan Yücel.

The body exceeds its limits and merges with the cold but generous surface of the gigantic device. Sound interrupts a silent space and engraves shadows in the dust. Images awaken from legends beyond cultural memory. Something deeply rooted in our bones and never truly graspable emerges. Come, come closer and listen.

Donmuş Rüya (Frozen Dream) is an immersive, multi-sensory dance theatre experience created in the dreamlike and awe-inspiring environment of the Energy Museum at SantralIstanbul. Audiences are guided down corridors, past machines and into rooms by luminous dancers who reveal mysterious scenes and compelling secrets.

Donmuş Rüya (Frozen Dream) is inspired in part by the life of İhsan Raif Hanım, the renowned Turkish female poet whose verse was adapted into the popular fasıl song, Kimseye Etmem Şikâyet. Audiences will discover a fantastic landscape where they are encouraged to unravel narratives woven together by the dreams and nightmares of the past, the immediacy of the present and the unknown of the future.

Donmuş Rüya (Frozen Dream) is a parallel project of the 19th Istanbul International Theatre Festival.