It’s OK!

Choreography and Performance Canan Yücel Pekiçten
Lighting Design Ayşe Sedef Ayter
Music Sırma Öztaş
Dramaturgical Support Damla Ekin Tokel
Photograph Gülfem Erdoğan, Ali Güler and Goodlife Photography
Lasts 30′; no intermission.

Are you performing or moving forward in a full performance while determining the performance of the performance according to performance evaluation systems and expectation indexes? OR if you are tired of the dualities of daily life, which causes you to be torn between positive and negative extremes, and of efficiency measurements of acts and efforts, then join the movement of It’s OK! for the right to become a regular person: Just say “This is a performance” and enjoy defying measurements.

Review about “It’s OK!”

Do not we have the right to be average?” Lawyer and dancer Canan Yücel’s “It’s Ok!” Show on Wednesday, May 21, under the 19th Istanbul Theater Festival / New Wave, is asking us this question. In fact, the performance performed in order to defend the right to be your own average, you are living in a lot of ‘moments’ of which the taste still lingers. For Full review:

Review about “It’s OK!” at Mimesis  website:

“The choreographer and performer of this solo performance, Canan Yücel, who trained in both law and dance, and still work in these two fields, defines the outcome of her performance as” the struggle for the right to be average. “For full review (in Turkish) please visit this link.